Unraveling Cable TV Providers

by Jdreesen on December 5, 2011

Cable TV ProvidersUnderstanding the programs, terms of service, packages and deals of the various cable TV providers in your area may require a degree in advanced mathematics, and a 4 color spread sheet. Consumers assume all too often the vast array of offers and packages is simply a marketing ploy to confuse the issue, and get you to buy-in with the ‘deal of the month’.

Fact: the buy-in is only partly true, the other part of the truth is, the competition is so fierce within the cable industry the marketing gurus are killing themselves for market share. Share wars are a lot like Storage Wars, you are never sure what you are going to get until you open the box. It does make for some entertaining entertainment packages. It can be almost comical to watch the new packages roll off the marketing presses.

Finding and Choosing Among Cable TV Providers

Most consumers are accustomed to having choices, and cable consumers are no different. If you live in a metropolitan area or larger suburb, you will have choices. The actual hard lines that bring programming to your home may be owned by one or more of the local providers, or may be owned by a local phone company, which may also be a cable TV supplier. Are you confused yet? Don’t be, it is really quite simple, they share the use, maintenance, and installation of the lines, for transmitting same or similar data to specific addresses, based on which address is serviced by which company. In other words it is cooperative competition.

Your new service provider depends on the answer to “Who are the cable TV providers in my area?” When making this choice, determine which provider is going to offer you the best short and long term deal; take reliability, customer service, technical support and trouble call response times, heavily into consideration.

Sometimes, an upstart is the way to go. They may be aggressively marketing in your area, offering better deals to win market share. However, trouble calls could stretch from days to weeks, due to understaffing. Selection comes down to which service provider has the best score, based on your personal criteria.

Who Are The Cable TV Providers In My Area?

The list provided is alphabetical, the hierarchy may change. Not all of the companies listed below offer hard line cable service. The list is not inclusive of smaller local providers, see the last section. When moving into a new home, ask the realtor or neighbors “who are the cable TV providers in my area?”
• Adelphia
• AT&T
• Cablevision
• Charter Communications
• Comcast
• Cox Communications
• Dish Network
• Mediacom
• Time Warner

Who are the cable TV and Internet providers in my area?

This list narrows things just a bit. Non-hard line providers are not cable; they cannot directly provide Internet service. Many offer partner providers as a solution to keep the business under one roof. The list below contains the major players offering high-speed cable Internet. Again, this list is not inclusive.
• Adelphia *
• Cable ONE *
• Comcast *
• Cox *
• EarthLink High Speed
• Insight *
• Patriot Media *
• RCN *
• Road Runner
*Denotes providers offering both cable TV and Internet service

Finding Cable TV Providers by Zip Code

Various web sites allow you to type in your address and select a desired service type. The query will return a list of providers in your area. Know your zip code, each provider will verify your specific address.

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