Time Warner Cable Internet Review

Time Warner Cable and InternetTime Warner Cable is the second largest multiple-service provider (cable, internet, phone, etc) in the United States. The company was founded in 1989 through the merger of American Television (a subsidiary of Time Inc.) and Warner Cable (a division of Warner Communications). Time Warner Cable company mainly offers its services to more than 14.5 million customers of these geographic regions: New York, the Carolinas, Texas, Ohio, and southern California (including Los Angeles). If you are interested in securing Time Warner Cable internet service with this company below is a brief Time Warner Cable Internet Review.

How much is internet without cable?
It depends on whether you want Time Warner Cable Wideband or Road Runner Broadband. Prices are as follows: Wideband internet with WiFi Home Network Service: 99.95/mo., Road Runner Broadband Extreme with WiFi: 49.99/mo for 12 months (promo for new customers), Road Runner Broadband Turbo with PowerBoost: 39.94/mo. for 12 months (promo), Road Runner Broadband: 29.99/mo. for 12 months (promo).

How much is their internet and cable?
If you are a new customer, the promotional price is $79.00 a month for 12 months for Time Warner Cable and Internet; this is a bundle price and this is a lot less expensive than purchasing the items separately. However, be advised that you only get seven (7) Mpbs of bandwidth with this package deal. Please click on the link below for more information:

How fast is their cable internet?
Time Warner Cable’s cable internet has speeds up to thirty (30) Mbps of bandwidth.

Do they offer wireless internet?
Yes, Time Warner Cable does in fact offer wireless internet, commonly referred to as WiFi. It is a part of their Wideband internet package as well as their Road Runner Broadband extreme package.

What high speed internet plans, packages, services do they offer?
The highest speed package offered through Time Warner Cable is Wideband Internet and you get up to fifty (50) Mbps of bandwidth along with wireless internet (or WiFi).

What are some of their internet specials and deals?
Current promotions for new customers are Road Runner Broadband Extreme with WiFi: 49.99/mo for 12 months, Road Runner Broadband Turbo with PowerBoost: 39.94/mo. for 12 months, Road Runner Broadband: 29.99/mo. for 12 months. Which is very competitive pricing. Please note that these specials are internet specials and can only be purchased online.

Do they offer a cable and internet bundle? How much is it?
Yes. For new customers the promo price is $79.00/mo for 12 months.

What type business internet plans, service, and promotions do they offer?
Business Service plans start at $89.99 and this the basic, Access plan. If you require more information about business internet plans please call 1-877-892-2220 to speak to a representative because there is not much information in the way for business clients on their website.

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