T Mobile Review

by Jdreesen on December 12, 2011

Sprint PhonesPart of one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, T Mobile Wireless is a branch of the Deutsche Telekom Company that services the United States. Their services are widely used throughout the United States due to their large coverage area.

T Mobile Wireless Plans

As with most companies, T Mobile offers individual plans and family plans. There are a variety of options in each from completely unlimited plans for data, text messaging and talk time to plans that are simply for a specific number of minutes, with no text messaging allowance or data usage.

Their classic individual plans include: unlimited T Mobile to T Mobile calling, unlimited night and weekend calling, free domestic long distance and they do not have any roaming charges within the United States. Each plan has a two year contract and allows for the number of whenever minutes you designate when you purchase your plan. These plans offer a choice of either 500 whenever minutes per month for your use, or unlimited talk time. There are additional options that can add allowances for your text message usage and data usage depending on how you plan to use your cell phone. They are prices between forty and one hundred twenty dollars per month.

T Mobile’s Classic Family Plans all include two lines with the option to add additional lines if you are eligible for them. They also include unlimited T Mobile to T Mobile calling, unlimited nights and weekends, and free domestic long distance with no roaming charges within the United States. These plans come with a two year contract as well as the number of whenever minutes you choose when you purchase your plan. The plans can come with either one thousand whenever minutes to share with all of the lines on your contract or you can choose to get unlimited talk time for your plan. They offer the option to either pay per use for your text messaging or upgrade to a plan that includes unlimited text messaging. For data usage they offer four options. You can choose from 200 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of high speed data access. If you do go over the amount of data designated in your contract, they do not charge you for additional usage. Instead of charging you, T Mobile slows down you data access instead.

T Mobile Phones

T Mobile customers have a large variety of phones to choose from. They offer phones from BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and myTouch as well as their own line of T Mobile Phones. There are Android phones, Windows phones, camera phones, phones with full QWERTY keyboards for fast and easy text messaging, and phones that are more basic if that is your preference.

Sprint Phones

There has been some confusion about Sprint phones being available for T Mobile customers, but this is not the case. T Mobile does offer some similar phones to those that Sprint offers and in some cases they even carry the same phones, but Sprint phones are not run off of a SIM Card and T Mobile’s phones do utilize a SIM card.

T Mobile Coverage

T Mobile’s coverage area is capable of servicing approximately ninety-six percent of the American population. You are likely to be in their coverage area unless you are living in a remote area. If you are not currently covered by their service area, you should consider contacting them to see if they are planning to offer coverage in your area too.

T Mobile Customer Service

The Customer Service Department for T Mobile can be contacted by phone using their toll free number. You also have the option to write to them or to contact them through a special chat interface that they offer on their website.

T Mobile Store Locator

There is a store locator available on their website. They allow you to search by your street address or by landmark. The option to search by landmark is unique and most companies do not offer this type of convenience when searching for their locations.

T Mobile Reviews

T Mobile is known for having an award winning customer service department and their reviews all over the internet support that fact. Generally positive in nature, the reviews available have various forms of praise and recommendations. The only negative comments made were typically specific to the phone, not the service.

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