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One of the biggest and sought after companies in the country, Cox Communication is serving thousands of homes and business enterprises with different wifi plans and consistent speed to offer. Ranging from an 8mbps up to 250 mbps of speed and unlimited usage every month and can be used by several computers in one building or household without dropping bandwidth at the same time causing intermittent connection upon continuous sharing. A great way to save money every month at the same time having fun watching videos, downloading music, playing online games and even going thru secured site such as pay pal and banking online. To check out more about Cox list of wifi plans you may visit their website at


It is one of the most recognize connection company in the state of New York where it offers lower monthly fees, and no hidden charges from registration to its installation as well as subscriber are not tied to longer contracts like other competitors out their. Customer service and technical support are skilled and courteous on attending concerns and inquiries making its clients lives convenient and satisfied. Along with that is its products are equipped with advance technologies and equipments that brings out a more secured and reliable signal to every household. To avail and be part of Adelphia’s growing subscriber you can visit their website and check out their plans and its incredible

Bright House

Bright House is offering you and your family a secured connection and unlimited wifi usage every month. With its top of the line modem and consistent signal that stays all year round. Lower monthly fees applied for an 8mbps up to 250 mbps of connection. Making it easy for you to watch your favorite shows online, download music and movies and even streaming and creating videos, you can also do your business errands online with its security that protects your password and important usernames for any banking transactions. Bright house also guarantee a knowledgeable and skilled staff that attend and answer all your technical concerns or billing problems, just visit their website for more information’s

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