How To Get Free Internet On Your Cell Phone?

how to get free internet on cell phone

Having the internet on your phone can be enjoyable as well as useful. You can use the internet to look up directions, or to play a game while you are waiting in line. However, internet service for cell phones is often overpriced. If you want to know how to get free internet on your cell phone, continue reading. Here are four tips to help you get internet on your phone for free. Follow these tips, and you will be able to experience the convenience of mobile internet access without having to pay the high monthly bills.

Use Free WiFi Connections

Some smartphones allow you to connect to free WiFi connections even if you do not pay for internet service through your carrier. When you need an internet connection, check to see if there are any free wireless signals you can use to connect to the web. Many coffee shops offer free wireless signals, and some national restaurant chains now offer free wireless internet for all customers.

Connect To Unsecured Wireless Networks

Another way how to get free internet on cell phone is to connect to unsecured wireless networks. Unlike free WiFi connections, unsecured wireless networks are personal wireless connections that have not been secured with a password.

Look For Special Deals From Cell Phone Companies

Sometimes, major cell phone companies offer a few free months of internet service to new customers. If there is no contract agreement required in order to qualify for the promotion, you could sign up, enjoy several free months of cell phone internet access, and then terminate your plan. This is one way how to get internet on phone for free.

Ask Your Employer For Free Internet Service On Your Cell Phone

Consider asking your employer if they will pay for internet service for your cell phone. Make sure that you give your employer a good reason why they should pay for your cell phone’s internet service plan. Tell your boss that you need internet on your phone so that you can check your email more frequently and quickly respond to any customer and client questions. Your employer might just agree to pay for your cell phone’s internet service, and then you can also use your phone for personal internet access. You will have internet on your phone without having to pay for it yourself. Internet service on your cell phone can be expensive, but if you try these tips for getting free wireless internet on your cell, you might never need to pay a cell phone internet bill again.

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