Google TV slow out of the gate

by Jdreesen on December 15, 2011

Google TV PriceGoogle TV made its debut in early 2010, but has not made much headway since then. A big reason for the sluggish start has been the fact that many content providers have been nervous about backing the internet behemoth. No doubt with the way Google has in fairly short time dominated the search engine and email fields, the content providers, who are trying to keep users focused on their sites, have reason to be nervous. The content providers such as Hulu, Viacom, and Universal have seen a dilution of their viewers and a steady loss of control on how their products are available and presented to consumers. And for many companies still dreaming of the days the “Three Major Networks”, the “Wild West” internet set loose on your TV is a scary proposition.

So What is Google TV and Why is It So “Scary”?

Essentially, Google will allow you to combine all your favorite TV media sites, such as Hulu, Netflix and others under one roof and be viewed on your TV. Google also hopes to leverage its Android operating system and allow for the development of Google TV apps that will enhance the television viewing experience and build a loyal following. Additionally, you will be able to access the entire internet right there on the television and with the further growth of “cloud computing”, your PC could become a thing of the past. So there are a lot of nervous companies out there, not just the content providers. Of course, that’s assuming things go as planned.

Google TV Price Drop and First Year Jitters.

Currently, Google has faced a lot of hiccups. Like any new software or technology, the first year and a half has been filled with bugs and fixes. Since announcing the launch of the Google TV beta version in March 2010, Google TV has been slow to catch on and not really gained traction with consumers. Many of the companies working with Google, such as Logitech (the camera and device maker) have also been caught up in the less than exciting response. Logitech, after several months, eventually had to concede that things were not going as planned and brought Google TV price down to $99. This meant a loss for Logitech on each device. Not a great way to start. Many other of the partners in Google TV have been equally disappointed.

Google TV Beta: The Coming of Television 2.0?

However, Google cannot be counted out or underestimated. They have shown that once they get the full weight of the company behind something it is only a matter of time before they dominate the marketplace. Initially, when Google launched the Android operating system, Apple’s iPhone IOS dominated the market and was really the only smartphone out there. Now, Android operating systems have recently surpassed IOS as the most widely used smartphone operating system. Something few would have predicted only three or four years ago. Google has shown that it is eager to break in to the the television market. It appears that this will be another area of expansion for them and there is no doubt that a Google TV update will not be too far off in the future. Hopefully, your new flat screen TV will be able to handle it.

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