DSL VS Cable Internet

DSL VS High Speed InternetInternet technology is changing rapidly. Customers now have a number of choices about getting their internet service delivered. Two of the most common are DSL and cable internet. When deciding between DSL vs cable internet customers must consider several things. The considerations include price, speed and the security of their connection. Depending on what a user is attempting to do on the internet the choice between DSL vs cable internet can be very simple. One must also take into consideration how far one is from the DSL hub and whether or not your internet service provider has upgraded to fiber optic technology.

DSL VS Cable Internet

Generally when comparing the price between DSL vs cable, DSL usually has the advantage. Cable high-speed internet can cost more than twice as much as DSL. This is because cable based internet service allows downloads and other actions to happen much quicker. In some markets the internet service provider will lower the cost of their cable internet to allow them to compete successfully with companies offering slower, less expensive DSL service. But this is not true in all markets, so when trying to decide between DSL vs cable one must research the price of the services offered in one’s area.

Comparing cable internet vs DSL when it comes to speed may lead to a different choice. Cable generally offers faster connection speed than DSL. Again the area in which you live and the company offering the DSL service can make a difference. Many companies providing DSL have begun to upgrade to fiber optic technology. This greatly increases the connection speed of the service. At least one of the larger companies providing DSL is able to provide connection speeds that are faster than that of some of the small cable internet providers. So when comparing cable vs DSL based on connection speed all these things must be considered.

The security of the internet connection is another consideration when looking at DSL vs cable high speed internet. In a sense DSL wins when this method of comparison is used. With DSL your connection is never shared between your computer and the DSL hub. Cable internet access, on the other hand, forces you to share the bandwidth connecting you to your cable internet service provider with the other customers in your immediate area. Because the medium is being shared it leaves the user open to service theft, eavesdropping and even denial of service attacks.

DSL VS High Speed Internet

Deciding which service is better between DSL vs high speed internet can be complex. Each type of service has its strengths and weaknesses. With the improvements in the technology taking place in the industry the differences in the services are becoming less pronounced. The speed, security and price of both the services are now essentially the same. For customers who are trying to select an internet service provider today it is largely a subjective choice. True your location matters, but when it comes to deciding between cable vs DSL there really is no substantive difference.

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