Cox Cable Internet Review

Cox Cable Internet ReviewCox Communications first began as Cox Enterprises and is now one of the largest cable and internet providing companies in the United States. Cox has a reputation for bundling telephones services, cable services and internet services together for competitive prices. Cox Communications has over twenty thousand employees providing great services to over 6 million customers. This company prides itself on embracing diversity and is the recipient of many J.D. Power and Associates awards. Cox Communications makes sure to give back to the communities by investing over 15 billion in communities all over the United States since 1996. Cox cable internet review shows that customer service was a beginning pledge of this company, and will remain to be a top priority currently and in the future.

How much is internet without cable?
The cost of Cox cable internet without cable depends on how much internet the individual user expects to use. Ultimate, Premier, Preferred and Essential are the four internet packages offered and they range in price from $19.99 to $89.99. Other charges that can be included with internet without cable is installation and equipment purchase.

How much is their internet and cable?
Cox Communications has a feature that allows customers to customize their own bundled services together and Cox cable and internet together is approximately $77.98 per month. After the promotional period ends the price goes up to $93.94 per month.

How fast is their cable internet?
A Cox cable internet review claimed that the high speed internet was much faster than a previous company the customer had before Cox Communications. Cox cable internet has download speeds alone of over 50 Mbps.

Do they offer wireless internet?
Yes Cox Communications offers wireless internet with their Home Network Manager. They have a wireless- n – gateway that has offers high speed internet to wireless devices like laptops, gaming devices and tablets. One wireless internet account can be shared with up to four devices in one home.

What high speed internet plans, packages and services do they offer?
Cox Communications offer their customers four internet plans, packages and services. These different plans are divided into packages that offer different amounts of internet each month. The customer must look at each plan, determine how much internet they need and pick the plan best suited for them.

What are some of their internet specials and deals?

Cox Communications offers their customers two specials when it comes to internet deals.

Do they offer a cable and internet bundle? How much is it?
Yes Cox offers a Cox cable and internet bundle that includes cable and internet. The first three months will run the customer approximately $77.98 per month and after that it will cost approximately 93.94 per month.

What type business internet plans, service, and promotions do they offer?
Cox Communications offers its businesses bundled plans for internet and phone services. They offer promotions for new businesses and current businesses with the Bundle Business Voice and Internet Plan, and the Phone customers and Business Internet Plan.

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