Comcast Cable Internet Review

Comcast Cable Internet ReviewFounded in 1963, Comcast has grown to be one of America’s largest providers of cable, phone and internet services. This Comcast cable internet review will provide consumers with answers to basic questions about the packages and services this company offers.

How Much Is Internet Without Cable?

All Comcast internet packages require that consumers sign a 1 year contract. Comcast cable internet service starts at a promotional price of 29.99 for 6 months, then increase to 49.99 for the remainder of the contract. They also offer 6 more internet plans that offer increased downloading and uploading speeds to meet your specific needs. To see all packages and prices visit their website.

How Much Is Internet and Cable?

Cable and internet packages offered by Comcast are comparable to other national providers, and all require a 2 year contract from new customers. The Digital Starter package has 80 channels, includes HBO free for the first 6 months ($10.00/month after), and includes performance internet services (downloads of 12 mbps, and uploads of 2 mbps). This package starts at $69.99 a month for the first six months then increases to $79.99 a month for the remainder of the contract. The next package is the Digital Preferred that provides the same high speed internet, but includes 100 digital channels, HBO free for 6 months and 45 commercial free music channels. This package starts at 79.99 a month for the first 6 months, then after the promotional period the price jumps to 94.99 per month and HBO becomes an extra $10 a month if continued. The last bundle is called the Digital Premier that includes 200 digital channels, a sports entertainment package and the high speed internet. It starts at $199.99 for the first 6 months, then is increased to $139.99 for the remainder of the two year contract. HBO along with Starz, Cinemax and Showtime are included without extra charge in this package.

How Fast Is Comcast’s Cable Internet?

Comcast internet services range from basic to lightning fast. The lowest speeds are in the Economy service where you are allowed downloads of 1.5 mbps and uploads of 384 kbps. The fastest service is called the Extreme 105 which allows downloads at 105 mbps and uploads at 10 mbps. ‘

Wireless Internet

Comcast offers a product called Mobile Internet 3G that is a device the size of a zip drive, will plug into any device with a USB port ( such as a laptop) and provides mobile internet service. Another product this company offers is a 4G/3G mobile hotspot which is a device that can fit into your pocket and provides mobile wifi to a maximum of 5 devices that are 30 feet or closer. To provide wireless internet exclusively in the home, the client is able to purchase a router from the company.

High Speed Internet Packages and Plans

Comcast cable internet reviews show favorably on the reliability and quality of their internet and all packages include “Constant Guard” which provides security software, and offers customers up to 7 email accounts each with 10 GB storage.

Specials and Deals

There are great deals available at Comcast when signing up on the internet. If purchasing the Xfinity triple play packages before 7-10-11, customers will be eligible to receive pre-paid visa gift cards up to a $250 value, along with great package prices.

Cable and Internet Bundle

They do offer cable and internet bundles starting at $ 69.99 a month.

Business Plans, Service, and Promotions

Comcast also offers reasonable business packages. For a basic phone, their rate starts at 24.95/month, and for full feature phone service expect to pay $44.95/month.. A full feature phone and basic TV package is $49.90 a month, while phone and internet will cost $99.00/month ($159.99/month for 2 phone lines) Currently there is a special for a phone, basic TV, and internet that will cost $94.85 a month, but it expires 7-10-11.

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