Cable Companies

When it comes to Cable TV, you have more options than ever before. No longer considered a luxury, anyone can afford cable television and enjoy the benefits of hundreds of channels, pay-per-view, internet, and more! This category reviews the top cable companies and services, and gives you great tips on how to get the most out of your TV.

A Legit Free Cable TV Guide

December 19, 2011

Cable TV prices have been on the rise lately and it seems as if there’s no turning back. Why pay up to $200 per month for TV, when you’re going to only watch 5% of the channels. If you have been paying attention to the news lately, major carriers such as Comcast, Dish Network and [...]

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Google TV slow out of the gate

December 15, 2011

Google TV made its debut in early 2010, but has not made much headway since then. A big reason for the sluggish start has been the fact that many content providers have been nervous about backing the internet behemoth. No doubt with the way Google has in fairly short time dominated the search engine and [...]

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Unraveling Cable TV Providers

December 5, 2011

Understanding the programs, terms of service, packages and deals of the various cable TV providers in your area may require a degree in advanced mathematics, and a 4 color spread sheet. Consumers assume all too often the vast array of offers and packages is simply a marketing ploy to confuse the issue, and get you [...]

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Finding Cheap Cable TV Service

December 1, 2011

Unlike days of the past, people do not have to go out to watch the latest movies, they can simply turn on their TV and watch them in their own homes. Modern technology has made this possible through cheap cable TV, which allows people to watch a vast array of channels broadcast all around the [...]

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