Cablevision Internet Review

Cablevision InternetCablevision Systems Corporation is a well-known telecommunications, media and Entertainment Company that was founded in 1973. Nowadays, with the company’s leading fiber-rich network, it operates the nation’s single largest cable cluster, passing more than five million households and businesses in New York City. This world-class system connects residential and business customers in the country’s top market to Cablevision’s Optimum-branded communications services, which includes iO TV, Optimum Voice, Optimum Online and Optimum Wifi.

How much is their internet and cable?

Cablevision internet is $29.95/month for the first year when you install it yourself. A cable modem will be provided for the term of your Cablevision internet service and must be returned when service is terminated.

How fast is their cable internet?

Optimum Online is up to 5x faster than phone company High Speed Internet where Optimum is available. Speed is up to 15Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream. It lets you download photos and videos at lightning speed. It gets you to the most popular websites, such as Google, AOL and YouTube, faster than before.

Do they offer wireless internet?

Yes. Optimum Wifi is the largest, most advanced Wifi network in the nation. It is available in shopping centers, on main streets, train platforms, in parks, marinas, sports fields, and on thousands of locations. All you need is your optimum ID and password and a Wifi enabled laptop, cell phone, or PDA. Sign in to Optimum Wifi just once, and your Wifi enabled device will automatically connect to any of Optimum Wife’s thousands of locations.

What high speed internet plans, packages, and services do they offer?

Ultimate Triple Play is available to new residential customers and current residential Non-Video and Broadcast Basic only customers whose accounts are in good standing, get all 3 services (TV, internet, and phone) for $99.80/month your first year.

Optimum Triple Play Upgrade is available for current video-only customers with Family Cable, get all 3 services (TV, internet, and phone) for less than $100 a month your first year.

Optimum Online Boost Plus is available to new and existing Optimum Online residential customers, with an additional of $14.95/month to get faster speed than Optimum Online with up to 50Mbps for downloads and up to 8Mbps for uploads. In addition, bigger attachments can be sent (up to 100MB per email), optimum link is added where you can see everything from your computer on your TV, with more mailboxes and storage, and you can get the speed you need to share your Internet connection across multiple computers.

Optimum Online Ultra is available both to new Optimum Online customers and to customers with Optimum Online, with an additional of $55.00/month. You will enjoy speed up to 101Mbps downstream and up to 15Mbps upstream.

What are the best Cablevision Deals available?

Unlike some phone company plans, there are no annual contracts to sign with Optimum Online. If you’re not completely satisfied, return all equipment within 30 days of purchase to an Optimum Store. You may return equipment by mail postmarked by the 30th day from purchase for a refund. Cablevision internet reviews have said refunds exclude shipping and handling.

Do they offer a cable and internet bundle? How much is it?

The bundle does not come in a cable and internet alone; instead, it comes in 3 services. You can get a cable, internet and phone bundle for just $99.80/month on your first year.

What business internet plans, service, and promotions do they offer?

Optimum Online, starting at $29.95/month, you’ll get a speed of up to 15Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream, free outdoor Wifi at thousands of locations, five email accounts, internet security package included, and with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Optimum Online Boost, starting at $44.90/month, everything you get with Optimum online, plus a higher speed of up to 30Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream, and fifteen email accounts with the ability to send larger attachments.

Optimum Online Static IP, starting at $54.90/month, everything you get with Optimum Online Boost, plus Cisco four-port Ethernet router and five static IP addresses.

Optimum Online Ultra, starting at $79.95/month, everything you get with Optimum Online Boost, plus a higher speed of up to 101Mbps downstream and 15Mbps upstream.

For further information about business packages and Cablevision internet review, you can visit their website.

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