Cable One Internet Review

Cable One Internet Review

Cable One is a cable internet service providing agency. Working under the parent company The Washington Post Company, it is an independent organization that provides cable network service for various states in the US. The headquarters of the network is based in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the biggest cable provider services in the US and enables transmission to Midwestern, southern and western states in the US. The company also offers broadband internet connection and digital telephone service.

The broadband internet service provides internet connection for around 370,000 subscribers in the US. The company introduced new policies for the service in the year 2007. It has introduced consumption caps to limit large amounts of data transfer. There is also downloading and uploading speed limitation from 4 pm till midnight. From midnight onwards, normal speed returns.
How Much Is Internet Without Cable?
Internet without cable TV is possible through Cable One. However if you select both internet and cable you might get some discount.The price of an internet package will depend on the particular plan that you offer. The best way to find the price will be to visit the website of the particular company.
Internet Packages and Bundles
Cable One provides different internet connection plans. If you take all the three services together, cable, internet and phone, then you get the entire service for $25 per month. If you subscribe for both internet and cable, then you can ask for some discount which they might offer.

According to various Cable One internet reviews, it offers high speed internet connection for their customers. The Economy plan offers 1.5 Mb download speed and 150kbps upload speed. There are also other high speed plans that offer 5 Mb download speed and 500 kbps upload speed.

Cable one offers wireless internet connection. There is both the Wireless-G and Wireless-N connection. There is speed limitation with Wireless-G scheme. However the N-scheme provides much greater speeds and can triple the bandwidth capacity.

High speed internet plans are available at Cable One. These are mostly preferred by residential communities. The plan offers 5 Mb download speed and 500 kbps upload speed. It also offers personal web space of 100 MB.

Specials and Deals
The higher cost flat-rate lower internet plan is a special Cable One internet plan. It is a special deal that comes with the cable cum internet service provider. The service provides higher pricing flexibility and advanced speed features. This is an attempt to satisfy customers by providing low-priced and higher priced flat-rate services.

Cable One services do provide the cable required for internet connection. The price of the amount of cable will depend on the quantity that is required to reach up to the cable modem.

Business Services
Business internet plans are a special feature that is offered by Cable One. It is intended to make business faster and smoother. Customized LAN and unique internet services that offer specialized bandwidth packages that ranges from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The company also provides cost effective means for high speed internet solutions aimed at more productivity, reliability customization and in providing quality business solutions.

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